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Potential North American FIRST ASIAN ROSY FINCH on Adak!!!!!!!

We have been having clear skys and cold days (12 to 30F) here on Adak for the last 10 days. There is several ft of snow on the ground. Winds have been almost calm most days. NOT what you would expect for Adak in the winter. I was going for an afternoon drive down to Clam Lagoon to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and look around for some birds. I wasn’t 10 min into the drive when I spotted 4 Snow Buntings and a dark Finch feeding in the grass off to the side of the road. Of course I was assuming it was just a Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch but stopped to look anyway. Then it flew up for a few seconds and my heart about stopped!!! It did not fly like I would have expected for Gray-crowned!! Much more bunting like. And it had a short little bill and round head. And then just as I got my binoculars on the bird the sun glinted off its head and I saw the golden brown crown and streaked back. I was in heaven. For the next 10 min I had goosebumps as I photographed this bird. Amazing. Now I know what it feels like to be Paul Lehman. (-: My potential first North American Record!!! Asian Rosy-Finch!! A bird I have looked at 100′s of times in my Birds of East Asia book wondering what the chances of seeing one would be. Dreaming of one at my feeder with the hoards of Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches. And now to actually see one is amazing.

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