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Great Egret landing

Great Egret shore of Clam Lagoon
Great Egret

This November is rocking!!! My second lifer within a week! What a shocking bird to see jump up out of the grass along the road. Amazingly, it landed only a short distance away and I was able to get some pictures.

The Egret was the finishing touch to an already good day of birding. It started off with 6 more Whooper Swans (3 adults, 3 imm) in Lake Constance. With them was the single largest flock of Eurasian Wigeon I have ever seen. I counted 128. Over half were adult males. And back on the North side of town was a Great Gray Shrike trying to capture a Rosy Finch dinner at the National Forest.

Unfortunately, I leave the island tomorrow for over 3 weeks. It will be hard to leave as this is by far the best Novemeber of birds i’ve ever had here on Adak. Hopefully some goodies will be waiting for me upon my return.

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