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13SEP11_Common Sandpiper, Little Stint, Slaty Backed Gull

Common Sandpiper wings up

Common Sandpiper on beach rocks
Common Sandpiper in flight

What did I just say yesterday. 6 eyes are better than 2. Around lunch today Barb called me and said they had a Common Sandpiper at the Clam Lagoon Seawall. I rushed right over in pounding wind and rain and was able to find the bird after an hour of looking for it. I had seen it flush right away and land but then couldn’t find it for a bit. Seems it is really good at sneaking through the rocks. Since it was pouring rain all I got was binocular views so I didn’t get my camera wet. At the same time Frank and Barb first saw the COSA there was a small peep with it. Turns out that was a Little Stint. Everyone was happy with a lifer today.

Juvenile Little Stint

Yes you can see the rain in the Stint picture.  After dinner the weather improved and I went back out and that is when I got the pictures of the Common Sandpiper. On the way home I found a Slaty Backed Gull also.


Slaty Backed Gull


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