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Adak Island, Alaska

Adak is one of the Andreanof Islands in the Aleutian Chain and is located 1192 miles Southwest of Anchorage and 445 miles West of Dutch Harbor. Adak’s location makes it the westernmost city in Alaska as well as the southernmost city in Alaska with latitude similar with Vancouver Island, BC.

The island of Adak has had a US military presence since 1942 and had a population of over 6000 people at its peak. Adak Naval Air Station continued to be a military base during the Cold War but was designated a Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) site in 1995 and closed in March 1997. The Aleut Corporation acquired Adak's facilities under a land transfer agreement at that time. About 30 families with children relocated to Adak in September 1998 and a school was reopened. The community formed a Second Class City government in April 2001. The Aleut Corporation and the City of Adak is continuing to develop Adak as a commercial center.

Even with its remote location Adak’s potential is realized due to the fact that Alaska Airlines maintains twice weekly service nonstop from Anchorage to Adak on Thursday s and Sunday s. With regular airline service to our small community it is now possible for birders to take advantage of our location and close proximity to Asia.

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